2018 Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari

The Scooter Safari is an endurance ride, coast to coast, Christchurch to Hokitika, a journey of over 250kms to raise funds for the New Zealand Cancer Society.

We entered a team in 2018 and had a fantastic time riding the challenging course and raising funds for the Cancer Society! You can watch our journey below with thanks to MoMac who supported our charity ride.

Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari 2018

Started in 2009, the Scooter Safari was created by Jayne and Mike Rattray, born in support of a friend diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. “We thought if he’s going to get a sore butt, then we should too!”

The Big Announcement! 1:08

We announce our entry into the 2018 Scooter Safari with the support of friends and family 🙂

Watch Our Scooter Vlog & Highlights 6:42

We were thankful to have MoMac join the team and capture our journey starting in Christchurch and finishing in Hokitika! What an incredible event, whilst many competitors broke down, we were lucky to survive the distance with no major hickups. We did however have to battle the weather with four seasons in one day!